Kazbegi 4

I am a traveller by passion, an entrepreneur by profession, and a computer engineer by qualification. While I think of ‘beer’ as a religion, ‘music’ as a universal language and my love for ‘clicking pictures’ as my spirituality, pitching the tent, playing volleyball, taking road trips, chasing the sunset and breaking a few rules are my hobbies.

My wildest dream is to retire by the age of 40 and volunteer as a teacher at a rural Himalayan school while keeping up with my travel plans. I think life is short, youth even shorter and there are so many places still left to be explored, so many strangers still left to befriend.

After travelling a bit in the form of short and long trips, I had this idea of developing an uncommercial platform where people can come together to join me on my trips and meet other like minded individuals. I believe it’s an excellent way to do what I love, meet new people and play a small part in filling the vast void of ‘backpacking culture’.

The following two travel quotes beautifully sum up my life –

“Become friends with people who aren’t my age. Hang out with people whose first language isn’t the same as mine. Get to know someone who doesn’t come from my social class. This is how I see the world. This is how I grow”

“Travel can be the ultimate alone time. Away from home and surrounded by strangers, you can be anyone or no one, anonymous or camouflaged”.

I’d absolutely love to connect with everyone who visits this page and is unknown to me. Never hesitate to drop a message.

The countries I’ve travelled through – India, Nepal, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Malaysia.