Why is Malaysia the hottest asian budget destination to travel to this year?

Vistas of Infinity - Langkawi, Malaysia
Vistas of Infinity - Langkawi, Malaysia Starting 15th April 2016, Malaysia extended the e-visa facility to Indians with a processing time of merely 24 working hours, probably the easiest you can get on an Indian passport. Most of the people and agents are not aware of the fact. Here is the link to the e-visa [...]

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Two practices which earn me a free vacation every year

Free Vacation Cover-2
Out of the 60 approximate days of the year that I travel, the flights and accommodation for one week-long trip within India are always paid for, that too without putting in any special effort to earn these freebies. Here are the 2 very simple practices that you can adopt as well and earn yourself a [...]

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11 ways to cut down your travel expenses to half and travel cheaply

Travel Cheaply Cover-2
Travelling does not require heaps of money, but a strong need to discover, an ardent desire, often referred to as WANDERLUST. Ironically the most common reason that prevents people from travelling is the cost involved, but, as with everything else in life, this can be converted to a myth with proper planning, preferably well in [...]

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6 things that you realize when you start Couchsurfing!

Couchsurfing in Vienna
Technically speaking, Couchsurfing is a web-based hospitality platform where locals host travellers without charging them money or asking for anything in return, but as a traveller, it is much more than just a free stay. It is a kind of sharing that changes your outlook towards many aspects of life, directly or indirectly. It changed [...]

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I can’t travel anytime soon because ….

Cant Travel Soon Cover-2
Despite the thousand compelling reasons to start Travelling, there are always a few excuses not to do so. Do you keep delaying your travel plans because – You’re waiting for a day when you’ll have enough money!  - You never had money when you were a student.  - You didn’t have enough when you started [...]

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10 reasons you should start travelling now

Start Travelling Now Cover
1) Because the world is way too beautiful and “happening” for anyone to want to remain confined to a few places. Whether it be drinking Sangria and eating Tapas in Spain or trying Marijuana in Amsterdam, partying at the Oktoberfest in Munich or relaxing in Langkawi, diving in Thailand or Paragliding in Bir-Billing, hiking in [...]

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8 secret tips which can help you find a cheap flight

Cheap FLight Cover-2
The cost of Air Travel is the biggest part of travel expenditure, and therefore finding a cheap flight becomes very important. For me, the cost of my flight is as important a consideration as deciding the travel destination itself. I’d sometimes change my plans to fly to a destination just because the fare was too [...]

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A 15 step guide to picking and packing your travel gear optimally

Travel Gear Cover-2
An Optimal Travel Gear is the key to your physical comfort and mental peace while you’re on the road; it is also the second most important part of preparing for your travels, the first being planning the trip itself. While a good gear helps you travel fuss free, a clumsy and inappropriate gear will begin [...]

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