Why I would never go to Portugal again!!!!

PJ Portugal Cover-2
-Because the white- yellow and the white-blue painted houses and the cobblestoned narrow streets have me rapt, in a daze, forcing me to wander aimlessly through them. I could do this for days, admiring the minimally modernised and well preserved pretty old towns. This picture is from Evora, a UNESCO world heritage site, full of [...]

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Why is any effort to describe a visit to Melbourne & a road trip through the most scenic drive in the world always an understatement

PJ Melbourne Cover
-Because Melbourne gives you the feel of Europe in Australia.  You experience this vibe as soon as you land your feet on the streets of Melbourne, which can boast of a perfect mix of old and new architecture, numerous bar lanes, umpteen backpackers, even more travellers on a ‘Working Holiday Visa’, cheap accommodation facilities, good [...]

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How does this trip through Europe’s best kept secret make you travel back in time by at least a century?

PJ Olomouc Cover-2
The Moravian Landscape cliked on the way to Karlova Studánka from Olomouc For 3 years consecutively, Lonely Planet rated this small town and the region around it as one of the most mesmerising yet hidden in the whole of Europe. The rankings were - 7th – Lonely Planet’s Ten Hidden Gems of Europe 2012 5th [...]

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Why a trip through this country makes you live an artist’s wild dream?

PJ Amsterdam Cover
Most people restrict their experience of The Netherlands to the Red Light District of De Wallen and the Coffee Shops offering anything but coffee. They stay in the Capital, Amsterdam, for a day or two, enjoy the wild side the city has to offer and leave. Netherlands is a way lot more than that and [...]

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