Before I get the opportunity to gather a few testimonials from this platform, let me share the couchsurfing references that travellers have left me, over these past few years of Travelling. Thanks to these amazing “strangers turned friends” of mine, life could never have been the same if didn’t meet them.

Nikhar, thank you so much for your terrific hospitality! Even though you were super busy you not only let me stay at your place, you also managed to make sure that I had an amazing time, both with the family and the great food, and also by arranging so many activities! Along with this, the time we did get to spend was also great – there seems to be a sort of peace and tranquility around you. I most certainly hope we’ll be able to meet again in a less busy period, somewhere in the world – perhaps in Denmark 🙂

Copenhagen, Denmark

Caring, this guy and his family showed me that how much family is important to them.meeting him and his family was one of my best experiences in traveling to India it means that u guys can find common stuff between you and yourself in every th like culture,communication and etc….i ve got emotionally involved with this family.they thought me dat with attitude and body language u can pass from the hard wall of unknown land of hearts… hey man spending time and being with u was awesome, i hope to c u in Iran with a big smile on ur Dad’s lips 🙂
Nothing can make the whole kindness that u represented to me … god bless u all

Karaj, Alborz, Iran

Ahhh Nik,
Where do I start!

If a laugh is what you are after then this is your man.

We had some good times together. With some very rough plans (that didn’t all go to plan) Nik was very flexible and easy going.

It was great to have shared my first couch surfing experience with you, Nik.

Such a shame we didn’t get to spend more time together! If you want to spend time with someone who is relaxed, that can have a laugh and is extremely polite and GENEROUS then I couldn’t recommend Nik enough.

Thanks for the fun! I’ll see you in India someday 🙂

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I spent 3 days at Nikhar’s house.

Every moment there I was treated like another member of the family by him and his relatives.  When I got sick on 1 of the 3 days they took care of me all the time… I really appreciate that.  Nikhar, wish you the best for you and your family… hope to cross you in Georgia!

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires City, Argentina

What an amazing experience it is for me and even for my two not-speaking-English travel buddies to have been welcomed by Nikhar to his family! I would not recommend anyone to visit them, just because I will be jealous now that anyone else joins them! This is a 5* Indian hospitality and experience of local life! We found common language with all members of his big family and I made such great friends with his mom! Cooking, shopping, street food, their generousity, openness, helpfulness, and easygoingness of Nikhar are unbelievable! I kgar himself is a certain “typus” with his own peculiarities. I our to meet them again! Huge thanks for all!

Préverenges, Vaud, Switzerland

What an amazing couple of days with Nikhar and his beautiful family. Great food. Great conversation. Lots of exploring. And he was always very accommodating and helpful with anything you might need. Definitely surf or host with him, he’s a stand-up, reliable guy. And his crash space is very comfy.

Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Two evenings, few pubs and some beers with Nikhar in Madrid! He is nice, funny and open-minded person. Kind of person with who time run so fast during a talk. So glad that you asked me go out 🙂

Rakovnik, Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic

Thanks a lot for everything Nikhar. You’ve been so kind and helpful to me. Your mom is really sweet. She made us really tasty food and took really good care of us. I’m sorry for any trouble if I have given to any one of you’ll. 🙂

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Nikhar was a really nice person to host.

It was his first experience in Europe, which was an interesting first experience on my part to witness.
We had great talks about our backgrounds, life in general, people, music, dancing and beer… Last one also as part of a modest practical approach 🙂

During his stay at my place he was warmhearted and intelligent company, and after his leave a terrific long-distance, but for sure also long-term friend.

By the way: his straight-forwardness might seem somewhat “stubborn” at first, but as for me, I soon realized that his way of talking should be interpreted as a flavour to his personlity 🙂

Definitely a nice person to meet and hang out with.

Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Nikhar hosted me in his beautiful and comfortable home for 10 days!!! His mom is the best cooking mama in India and made me delicious and nicely decorated food/ drinks all the time. Got a chance to go to a wedding reception w/ them too. Wish you and your wife have a good trip to Europe~~ Take care!!

Hong Kong

I hosted Nikhar and Poornima for 2 nights and they were my first guests! Amazing and kind people, very friendly and funny {and great cooks}, it was a real pleasure to host them and to know more about India.

All there’s left now is for me to visit Indore {perhaps on my vintage car if someone pushes me along the way}!

Have fun, guys. Hope to see you soon

Evora, Evora, Portugal

My experience with Nikhar was really good! I hosted he and Punima de Last week and we spend many time drinking beer and tolking about their culture. They gift me a T-Shirt with couchsurfing logo, and they made me a Indian diner which was realy expectacular!! i made two new friends because they are a couple really nice! see you in India Nikhar! and thanks for all the things learned…

Hornachos, Extremadura, Spain

Although we didn’t stay with Nikhar, we met up a couple of times, and it was great to have some good conversations and fantastic food which we could not get enough of. I believe staying with him and his family would have been even nicer, so for sure accept the invitation or couch request if he sends you a message! Next time if we come to Indore, we will let you know. And of course you are always welcome to stay over! Wherever that might be 🙂

Bergen, North Holland, Netherlands

Nikhar stayed at my place for some days and enjoyed what Munich has to offer. He’s flexible in plans and actions. Independant traveller. Impressive how he manages to run his own business and backpacks so much.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

I met Nikhar in Madrid centre, just by the Iphone store principal door, one of the principal meeting points of the city as he taught me haha ^_^ I have to say he has been my first experience in meeting up from Couchsurfing web site, and I´m glad he has encouraged me to do it because I had a really good time. Nikhar is nice, polite, interesting and has too much to say. I found our conversation really inspiring, at least for me. I wish you the best 🙂

Asturias, Spain

Nice time with Nikhar in Valencia, I’m happy you’ve written to me, true 🙂

Next time in India? If I go, I’ll count on him for sure.

València, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain

I met up with Nikhar while he had a lay over in Madrid. We met up after I got out of work, which was a little late but we made the best of it! We went out in the malasana area for a little and went to Plaza Dos de Mayo to get some pizza and beers. It was really great chatting with him and learning about India and his cultures. Meeting him as really inspired me to go to his country, and hopefully when I do we can finally meet again 🙂 … Nikhar is friendly and generous. He is a really easy going guy, down for anything and very easy to get along with. Its a shame I wasn’t able to meet up again with him when he came back to madrid but hopefully we will cross paths some time in the future! If you have the chance to meet this awesome guy it!!! 🙂

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

First of all: thanks for the great reference! 😉

It was for me also my first experience with people from India travelling and it was great. It’s a great start.
The food, the culture, the ideas to share, and the nice “onda” that you gave us were the best way to enjoy CS.
Of course, we have our T-Shirts and we have to upload the pic.
Thank you very much: nice people, nice experience.

Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Nikhar is so positive person and I like it!

We spend together some hours at Oktoberfest it was fanny!
German songs and dances and a lot of beer all this made our day!!

I will never forget your huge phone:)))
Wish u all the best in your life and also in travel!
See u:)

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

I’m so proud to be the first one leaving a reference for him. We were in touch over more than 1 month, since I came to Indore twice during my Indian trip. We didn’t succeed to meet up the first time, but the second one, he picked me up from the airport, and took me to a very nice place for dinner and dropped me to my final destination in Ujjain. He is very generous and very talkative, a lot of fun to spend time with him. I certainly recommend him as a guest too! I can only imagine how nice it should be to host him and I really hope I can once return him the favor! =)


Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

I hosted Nikhar for 4 nights, and he was a great house guest. Unfortunately he ended up staying a weekend after the originally planned date so I had some plans and we didn’t see much of each other. But we still got to talk a fair bit and he is a very happy, easy going person.

He made us some amazing food!
Was great meeting you 🙂

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We hosted Nikhar and Poornima for two nights and we spent a very wonderful time together. At times it felt as if we were hosted by them as they cooked a very delicious indian food to us :). You are always welcome again, or any of your friends!

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Nikhar was at our place with his beautiful wife. Nikhar very flexibly responded to my organizational error. He was very correct and I would say he is Couchsurfer professional. In my eyes he is very nice, easygoing, clever and fun companion. He and his wife did very well by our son and during a walk through Prague respected his children’s tempo. We are very sorry that we could not spend more time with them. If we ever go to India, I vill be happy to see him and his wife again.

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

We invited Nikhar to couchsurf with us during his trip. But since it didn’t work out as he had planned he only managed to come for a visit. He also met with our son for an evening in Munich. He was very interested in everything we were showing him and we spent the time talking and had a lot of fun.

We are happy that you took time to meet after we had been corresponding a bit during your trip. You are welcome to come here again and it would be great if we can manage to visit you one day in India.

Oberostendorf, Bavaria, Germany

We had a really nice time with Nikhar and Poornima. They both are very interesting people, it was a pleasure to spend time with them and to talk about so many things. They are very easy to host, reliable, easy-going and fun! We´ll keep great memories of our (however short) time together.

You’re always welcome in Olomouc as well as in Karlova Studánka! (P.S. Nikhar, the hot water trick really doesn´t work;))

Olomouc, Olomouc Region, Czech Republic

Original Indian peaple, perfect to host, do not need much. And very funny! They showed me also how we europiens do not enjoy what we have, now I try to enjoy more, I promise, until we meet again

Regensburg, Bayern, Germany


We went to GOR together in February, with one more friend. It was my first trip in AU and I was lucky to have such a great company. Nik is very organised and experienced traveller and shared with us many interesting stories.
Hope to see you in Poland one day 🙂

Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

I met Nikhar in Auckland for brunch and a quick look around town and along the coast. Nikhar was very friendly and easy to talk to, I enjoyed spending time with him and would recommend meeting him. I wish I had more time to show you around 🙂

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Ive met Nik from CS. He and another girl was planing a trip to the great ocean road and asked if I wanted to join them. We rented a car and spended 2 nights on the way. Nik is really kind and helpful with everything. We shared many great storied and im really greatful of the way he explained and tought me about the indian culture and traditions. I found it very interessting. Thanks for everything and let me know if ure visiting sweden someday 🙂

Malmö, Sweden

Indor was our day stop and we’ve got huge luck to meet Nikhar! We had amazing day there! He made absolutely non-touristic city so wonderful for us, even took us to another one with Shiva temple and let my friend drive what was really risky 🙂

Sorry for making u wearing magic Shiva rope 😉 Hope to see u in St-P

Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia

He was couchsurfing in my hometown, and I showed him around. It was a very funny day, concluding beautiful places and rainy hours. Nik is a funny openminded person and we had lots of topics to talk about =)

Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

Nik is a very open minded and positiv thinking person, up for everything and very polite. I appreciated very much spending time with him on oktoberfest and showing him a bit of the bavarian culture 🙂

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

My mum got in contact with Nikhar through an open couch request. As Nikhar was not sure about coming to our village we arranged to meet in Munich and had a really nice evening together. I like how he observes what is happening around him and how open he is to everything. I hope to spend more time with him soon.

Oberostendorf, Bavaria, Germany

I met up with Nikhar in Munich and we did have a really nice and fun day together exploring the city without a real plan. He is definitely easy-going and easy to get along with – I had a really good time, so if you ask me, I would host him 🙂

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Nikhar is a very interesting guy, i felt very comfortable in his company from the moment i met him. You cant get bored with him at all. He is smart, funny, relaxed,with an amazing personality, does have some interesting views on many life issues. I was very lucky he chose me to show him around Amsterdam, i might be not the best tour guide, but he is certainly the best tourist you can wish for.

Prague, Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

I stayed 3 days at Nikhars home and it was nice. After 6 days full crowded kumbh mela that was the best what could happen to me. His family is very friendly and helpful and they make good food, thanks for that.

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Unfortunately I had to work a lot. Nevertheless we had a good time together and I was glade that Nikhar was not mad at me about that.

Going to the couchsurfer meeting was a really good idea and we met a lot of interesting people.
It was pretty cool, that exactly at this time a Bollywood movie was filmed.

Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

Although I couldn’t spend too much time with them, I found Nikhar and his girlfriend to be very pleasant guests to be around. They are nice and polite and the talks we had were always interesting. In several ways they brought far Eastern odours to our place and made me start thinking of once going to India myself – so expect me to be there one day! 🙂

Dresden, Saxony, Germany

He is a business man from India. We had a very nice conversation and a huge laugh.


Munich, Bavaria, Germany